Cake Flavors


Classic Golden Yellow: Buttery and delicious, just like grandma used to make


White Wedding: Traditional vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream


Strawberry Delight: Our white cake layered with delicious strawberry preserve.


Strawberry Shortcake: Our white cake with a vanilla mousse and sliced fresh strawberries.


Almond: Moist and delicious with just a hint of almond, usually filled with amaretto or raspberry mousse.


Chocolate: A chocolate lover's dream.  Rich chocolate cake combined with chocolate mousse, cookies and cream mousse or just our classic buttercream.


Lemon: Puckery and delicious when filled with lemon curd.  For a more mellow lemon flavor, we recommend the vanilla mousse filling.


Red Velvet: A wonderful southern treat, rich and vibrant with cream cheese filling.


Double Chocolate: We add chocolate chips to our chocolate cake for a decadent, almost brownie-like cake.


Sweet Potato: A southern favorite.  Delicious hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, it tastes like fall but is delicious year-round.


Coconut: Our light coconut cake combined with our amazing coconut cream filling.


Apple Bourbon Caramel: Yellow cake with hints of caramel filled with our homemade apple compote (with a good dose of Bourbon added).


Cinnamon Espresso: Yellow cake swirled with cinnamon filled with an espresso mousse.


Fig, rum & honey: Honey cinnamon cake with fig & rum filling.


Black Forest: Our double chocolate cake with vanilla mousse and cherry preserves.



Double Barrel Cakes will make a statement on any occasion. These cakes are a taller modern take on a traditional tiered cake.


Best for:

Baby Showers, Birthdays and Gifts. 


Starting Prices:

$80 - 6" cake (serves 12)

$95 - 7" cake (serves 15-18)

$115 - 8" cake (serves 18-24)


*Prices are before customizations*




$20 - Custom Topper

$20 - Flowers

*Figurine and toy prices depend on availability*


2 Tier Event and Celebration Cakes are a new addition for birthdays and small celebrations! 


Best For:

Baby Showers, mini-moneys (limited time) and Birthdays.


Starting Prices: 

$175 - 2 tier (6", 8")


*Prices are before customizations*




$20 - Custom Topper

$20 - Flowers

$3 each - Macaron

*Figurine and toy prices depend on availability*





Custom Small Event Cakes and custom cupcakes start at $65 for cakes and $36 for cupcakes. Prices raise depending on the depth of customation. The gallery to the right shows how different each cake is as it is tailored for your vision and there will never be another like it since it is unique to your dream cake idea.


For this reason, we do not have exact pricing until we have more information on your request via email. Be sure to include any images of inspiration/theme to for inquiry.