Cake Flavors


Classic Golden Yellow: Buttery and delicious, just like grandma used to make


White Wedding: Traditional vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream


Strawberry Delight: Our white cake layered with delicious strawberry preserve


Almond: Moist and delicious with just a hint of almond, usually filled with amaretto or raspberry mousse.


Chocolate: A chocolate lover's dream.  Rich chocolate cake combined with chocolate mousse, cookies and cream mousse or just our classic buttercream.


Lemon: Puckery and delicious when filled with lemon curd.  For a more mellow lemon flavor, we recommend the vanilla mousse filling.


Red Velvet: A wonderful southern treat, rich and vibrant.


Double Chocolate: We add chocolate chips to our chocolate cake for a decadent, almost brownie-like cake.


Sweet Potato: A southern favorite.  Delicious hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, it tastes like fall but is delicious year-round.


Coconut: Our light coconut cake combined with our amazing coconut cream filling.


Apple Bourbon Caramel: Yellow cake with hints of caramel filled with our homemade apple compote (with a good dose of Bourbon added).


Cinnamon Espresso: Yellow cake swirled with cinnamon filled with an espresso mousse.


Fig, rum & honey: Honey cinnamon cake with fig & rum filling