Looking for fun, funky, elegant or simple? Simply Cakes can create your dream cake! We work with you every step of the way, from tasting our delicious, moist cakes to the final design. Not only will you end up with a cake that your guests will not be able to stop talking about, but we help make the process fun and relaxing. We firmly believe a wedding cake should not only look incredible, but the taste is equally as important to us. We are proud to be one of the few bakeries in the area that doesn't push fondant. We offer butter cream iced cakes that are smooth and beautiful, using skilled piping designs!


Our cakes are NOT made from a frozen product. We bake our cakes with the freshest butter, milk, and eggs and our fillings are made with  the highest quality natural ingredients such as fresh fruits, rich chocolate and cream cheese.


We also have one of the largest selections of flavor and filling combinations available including the area's best Red Velvet cake.

We are often told we have the BEST tasting cake in the area!


Our Wedding Cakes/Cupcakes package include the following:

  • Free Anniversary Cake
  • Setup & Delivery to any area in the Triangle (Raleigh/ Cary/ Durham) is $50.00
    • Areas out side the Triangle is based on mileage.
    • Please feel free to ask for an estimate of extra delivery costs.
  • Free placement of your provided flowers
  • $5 sample tasting plate and design consultation

Our wedding cake packages start at $600.  


Wedding cakes start at $7.50 per serving. Buttercream only. Sorry, no fondant covered cakes. 




Wedding Cakes


starting price includes*:

  • 3 Tier: 
    • $600 (80 servings)
    • $750 (100 servings)
  • 4 Tier: 
    • $825 (110 servings)
    • $1000 (130 servings)

Kitchen Cakes ($5 per serving**) 



Cutting Cake & Cupcake Tower



starting price includes*:

  • 6" Cutting Cake
  • 10 dozen cupcakes
  • 130 servings







2 Tier Cake with Dessert Table



starting price includes*:

  • 2 Tier Cake 
  • 2 panna cotta tarts
  • 6 dozen cupcakes
  • 120 servings

* Additional desserts can be added a la cart to meet the $600 minimum. Refer to the package add-ons.



Package Add-Ons

Mini Tarts (per dozen)

  • Pecan $40
  • Apple Caramel Crumble $40
  • Sweet Potato $36

Dessert Cups (per dozen)

  • 6oz. mousse cups $40
  • Panna cotta cups $45

9" Panna cotta tarts $35 (each)



**Back Room/Kitchen cakes are $5 per serving

These are FOUR LAYERED undecorated Buttercream covered cakes
When cut, it looks just like your wedding cake.
(Display cake of 80 servings or more is required for purchase of Kitchen Cakes)


We no longer offer Grooms cakes. 



We look forward to working with you to make your dreams come true for your special day.